1.24 (Thursday)



Who Do Designers Really Work For?


Also Discuss

React vs Angular vs Vue (multiple ways to look at data)


Be sure to put images into a Google Docs file (so I can comment).


Discuss options, settle on design. Figure out development schedule, responsibilities.

What app to use for development? (InDesign?)

What specific things to document (see inventory page)?

  • Video basics (GH5)
  • Photo basics (GH5)
  • Premiere basics
  • Audition basics
  • Recording basics (levels, isolation, mic placement)

Ethics in Design

ind.ie CC BY 4.0 License

ind.ie’s Ethical Design Manifesto.

Ruben Pater, The Politics of Design, Amsterdam: BIS Publishers. 2017.

Deceptive Information Graphics

Planned Parenthood Services

Linear vs. Quadratic Change (see Fast Food Sales Chart)

For Tuesday

First draft of QuickRef. Can use some placeholder text/images, but main structure and some content should be there.

1.17 (Thursday)




You are not a storyteller – Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC from FITC on Vimeo.

See also, Natasha Jen’s “Design Thinking is Bullshit” talk.

Natasha Jen: Design Thinking is Bullsh*t from 99U on Vimeo.

QuickRef Project

Review examples

Decide on overall strategy: Each student produce alternative version? Or class work on one as a team?

Develop a schedule (Gantt chart in Excel)

InDesign Tutorial

  • Document setup
  • Frames
  • Text Tool
  • Character
  • Paragraph + Paragraph Styles
  • Graphical Object Tool
  • Place Object

1.15 Tuesday



Lupton 9 – 13


Share and discuss


From Dan Saffer, Designing for Interaction.
Jesse James Garret, Elements of User Experience

Brief Excel Tutorial

Download the data table (.xlsx).

See additional images in Google Drive Shared Excel Basics folder.

QuickRef Project

For the QuickRef Project, we’re going to create very brief documentation for users of the audio/video/photo production and editing rooms in the Ignite Center. At this point, we’re just doing the first part of the project: Thinking about usability, deciding on media types and formats, wireframing layouts, and creating sample content.

After this initial work, you’ll pass off the project to COMM395 (Writing for Media) students, who will generate additional content for QuickRef modules. You’ll edit that content and produce the final QuickRef materials.

I’ve posted a list of the tech in the rooms on the Resources page. As you’ll see, there’s a lot available so we’ll need to decide what to focus on.

Some samples