Dashboard Survey Notes


Master List (Everyone Asks These)

Describe what you did when you registered for classes (this time or last time)?

Major, year, minor(s)?

How many times do you meet with your advisor when scheduling?

What features of Peoplesoft did you use? What worked/didn’t work?

Do you think about courses you might take more than one semester from now? (Specific electives, specific profs, etc.)

What tools do you use to schedule (not just registering but day to day)?

You can add more questions if you like, but make sure you get info about the above ones.

Just for Discussion

What’s the first thing you do?

How do you find out/decide what classes you need to take?

How much influence/input do you want to have over your schedule?

How do you schedule your day?

How do you schedule your classes?

How many times do you meet w/your advisor to schedule classes? (2-5 times). Useful: 3/5.

Do you prep for the advisor meetings? Yes. Go over classes they’ve taken/need to take?

How successful is PS at planning? 5/10. Doesn’t use it for planning; uses it for shopping cart/registration.

Know about satisfied/not satisfied section in PS? No.

What planner/reminder app? MyHomeWork.

Advisor usually has student curriculum already laid out. Just looks for electives?

Minors and dual majors? Double majors?

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