3.28 (Thursday)


Health Device App

Crit new drafts (if you didn’t crit Tuesday). Final version (5-screen) due next Tuesday.

Dashboard Project

Discuss project. I’ll create a more formal list of requirements and steps after our discussion. The text below is just a starting point.

User interviews: What information do students need? Does it change over time?

Where do they currently get that information?

Develop shared script then each person interviews three people; records audio and takes notes. We’ll share the results to generate personas.

Each of you will develop your own dashboard in Tableau based on the personas and your own design strategies. You’ll need to write a memo explaining your design choices, grounding them in the research we did and the resources we’ve looked at about what types of information graphics support what types of decision making and thinking.

The first rough draft will be a wireframes in XD or Sketch.

After the first draft, you’ll work in Tableau. (Note: You’ll need to mock up data in Excel as the source for your Tableau graphics.)

Tip: In order to figure out how to structure your Excel data, use Tableau tutorial materials to reverse-engineer it. Find a chart you want to create and then look at the tabular data that the chart is based on. See the Resources page for some useful links.

Schedule Updated


I’ve updated the schedule to reflect our class discussion on 3/26. In the due dates for the Health Device and Health Device App, we’ve rolled the device portion over into just being a 6th screen in the app. So the due dates that say 5-screen are just the main app and the dates that say 6th screen are just the new screen you’re adding about the physical health device.

I’m hoping that’s not as confusing as it sounds. Let me know if you have questions.

3.14 (Thursday)



Another round of email

XD Tutorial

Complete the XD tutorial that comes up on the right side of the screen when you launch XD:

You’ll need to download a folder of images used in the tutorial. There’s also a video associated with the tutorial if you want to watch (it includes a little more information).

We’re working with a newer version of XD than the one used in the tutorial so there are a couple of minor glitches you’ll have to work around:

  • In Step 9, there’s a text block in front of the little green color swatch you have to select. You’ll need to unlock Step 9 on the Design screen (right click the panel and choose “Unlock” or click the lock icon at the upper left of the block) then drag the text block temporarily off the art board so you can add the green swatch to Assets. Drag the text block back after you’re done.
  • In the section on sharing in Step 10, XD’s interface has changed slightly. The Share button now has two options–Share for Review and Share with Developers. The Developers option is the one that allows sharing specs.

When you’re done with the tutorial, email me a link using the Share for Review option.

Health Device App

Crit new drafts

When should this be due? Thursday after break?

3.13 (Tuesday)



New sketch from Ed. Looking for input.

Health Device App

Discuss Belitsoft Health App Overview article

Discuss apps

XD Notes


Assets: Right/control-click objects to add colors, character styles, etc. to Assets

Use Symbols for repeated elements

Use Repeat Grid for, well, gridded images.

Drag and drop from Finder/Explorer will also auto-populate grids.

Miscellaneous Examples

Via Jessica Hische