2.5 (Tuesday)



Lupton 88-99


Some samples (from Professor York): http://cucommandmedia.com/ux/personas/

Christof Zurn’s Persona Core Poster

Persona Exercise: Visitor to Clarkson

Go to this Google Doc and save a copy (File > Make a copy…). In groups of two, complete two separate personas.


Discuss template

Crit drafts

Tasks for 395 students. Three teams. Need instructions to help users quickly setup and record video. Break GH5 into material for three teams? Or do one QuickRef for each camera?

Health Device Project

Discuss tentative ideas

Draft proposal Thursday. Include three (rough) personas.

As class, discuss what else the proposal should include.

Experience Maps

Start Experience Maps Project Thursday.

Show some examples.

Think about a possible location/experience.

Design Thinking


Workshop: Redesign Campus Map

Clarkson’s Visiting Campus page.

Take perspective of potential students and their families.

For Thursday

HD Proposal Draft 1

Idea for Experience Map

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