4.16 (Tuesday)


Student Dashboard

Look at Excel advising sheets form Lorraine on Resources page.

Discuss answers you got from talking with one student (use core set of questions from class last Thursday—scroll down).

Decide on next step: Additional interviews/surveys? Revise questions?

Tableau Dashboard Tutorial

Note: Workbook for the tutorial’s on the Resources page if you haven’t saved the earlier tutorial files.

Don’t forget to also look at Advanced Chart Types—KPIs, for example, might be useful.


Complete by start of finals week

For Thursday

Rough draft of dashboard (not necessarily in Tableau). Be ready to describe why you picked specific chart types

Dashboard Survey Notes


Master List (Everyone Asks These)

Describe what you did when you registered for classes (this time or last time)?

Major, year, minor(s)?

How many times do you meet with your advisor when scheduling?

What features of Peoplesoft did you use? What worked/didn’t work?

Do you think about courses you might take more than one semester from now? (Specific electives, specific profs, etc.)

What tools do you use to schedule (not just registering but day to day)?

You can add more questions if you like, but make sure you get info about the above ones.

Just for Discussion

What’s the first thing you do?

How do you find out/decide what classes you need to take?

How much influence/input do you want to have over your schedule?

How do you schedule your day?

How do you schedule your classes?

How many times do you meet w/your advisor to schedule classes? (2-5 times). Useful: 3/5.

Do you prep for the advisor meetings? Yes. Go over classes they’ve taken/need to take?

How successful is PS at planning? 5/10. Doesn’t use it for planning; uses it for shopping cart/registration.

Know about satisfied/not satisfied section in PS? No.

What planner/reminder app? MyHomeWork.

Advisor usually has student curriculum already laid out. Just looks for electives?

Minors and dual majors? Double majors?

4.11 (Thursday)



Discuss Pydroid article (missed this on Tuesday). What are the takeaways for our Dashboard project?


Debrief on questions. What works? What doesn’t?

What background/demographic questions do we need? Major? Year? Minors/concentrations? Whether they’ve changed majors?

As a class, come up with a master list. You need to survey at least three people.

You can add questions to the master list but don’t delete any. We’ll share the questions/answers next Tuesday.


Finish watching.

For Tuesday

Answers to your survey questions (at least three students). Rough draft of your dashboard proposal. You can modify after we share info on Tuesday.

Dashboard Notes


Suggested classes (compared to the generic curriculum/schedule)

Checklist of required courses, possibly in categories (filters: when classes are offered, etc.).

“Parking lot” for courses you’re not taking current semester but want to watch for in future semesters

One-time, special topics courses; new classes

Sun-setted courses

Highly recommended electives

reviews of courses/profs

courses organized by prof

tagged courses (for career/path)

Dashboard Questions


Ask people what you used to schedule your day (Google Cal, planner, etc.)

Is the meeting you have with your advisor useful?

For your first week of classes, how do you know where/when to go?

Do you choose classes based on what your friends take?

How successful do you find Peoplesoft for *planning* your curriculum.

What is your most frequently used planner? How do you input your classes with that?

What do you consider when speaking with your advisor?

For Lorraine:

How has the process changed with the new spreadsheet? What problems did it solve?

What’s the biggest things students don’t do but that they should?

When should a student start planning their courses?

How far out should students be looking at their potential courses? One semester? A year?

How often do students mess up their schedule? How? What are the consequences?